The Making Of The Atomic Bomb

Author: Richard Rhodes
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25th Anniversary Edition Richard Rhodes. physicist . . . stood on the platform, his
head slightly inclined, and a friendly but somewhat embarrassed smile on his lips
. Summer light flooded in ... In the Youth Movement young Germans on hiking
tours built campfires, sang folk songs, talked of knighthood and the Holy Grail
and of service to the Fatherland. Many were idealists, but authoritarianism and
anti-Semitism already bloomed poisonoust among them. When Heisenberg
finally got to ...

Daily Report

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NHAN DAN Editorial BK250612 Hanoi Domestic Service in Vietnamese 2300
GMT 24 Jun 81 [NHAN DAN 25 June editorial: "Wishing the Seventh National
Assembly Fine Success in Tts First Session"] [Text | The first session of the
Seventh SRV ... Comrade leaders of fraternal parties and the Fatherland Front
and many patriotic and revolutionary personalities, representatives of people of
various nationalities and religious groups are also members who play an
important role in the ...

Cleansing The Fatherland

Author: Götz Aly
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Another influential figure in the postwar German history of medicine was Paul
Diepgen, who as director of the prestigious Berlin Institute during the Third Reich
had created a list of Jewish authors who were no longer to be cited.24 In the
1947 and 1953 editions of his popular textbook Die Heilkunde und der drztliche
Beruf, he cleaned out all Nazi phraseology that the 1938 edition had included.25
Another example of this Zeitgeist is the 1972 festschrift marking the 1 00th
anniversary of ...

Germany And The Imagined East

Author: Lee Roberts
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443804193
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That these supreme fictions lend themselves easily to manipulation and the
organization of collective passion has never been more evident than in our time,
when the mobilizations of fear, hatred, disgust, and resurgent self-pride and
arrogance—much of it having to do with Islam and the Arabs on one side, “we”
Westerners on the other—are very large-scale enterprises.1 -Edward W. Said
The passage above is from the preface of Edward W. Said's 25th Anniversary
edition of ...


Author: David Ricks
Publisher: Routledge
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By 1991 - the fiftieth anniversary of her death - when her works came out of
copyright, thus ending Estia's exclusive right to puhlish them, eight of her titles
had gone through a total of more than 210 primings. It was recently estimated tTo
t1rna, 25 June 1995) that one million copies of her hooks had heen printed, Four
of her most popular novels are wholly or partly ahout Macedonia: For the
Fatherland t1909). In the Time of the Buigar-Slayer t1911). Mangos t 1935) and In
the Secret ...

The Rand Paper Series

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Plotnikov, G., Colonel, "Vernost' internatsional 'nomy dolgu; k 25-i godovshchine
osvobozhdeniia Korei" (Fidelity to International Duty: on the 25th Anniversary of
Korea's Liberation), Voenno- istoricheskii zhurmal , No. 8, August 1970, pp. 119-
121. Plotnikov, G., Colonel, "Voenachal 'niki-dal 'nevostochniki" ... A Popular
Account of the Great Fatherland War), 2nd edition, Moscow: Voenizdat, 1975. Pp.
261-274, "Konets Kvantunskoi armii. Kapltuliatsiia Iaponii" (The End of the
Kwantung ...

Angela Merkel Europe S Most Influential Leader

Author: Matthew Qvortrup
Publisher: The Overlook Press
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A march on 6 October 1974 organised by the FDJ to commemorate the 25th
anniversary of the establishment of East Germany was a case in point. When
200,000 youngsters marched in Berlin singing patriotic and Socialist songs, Egon
Krenz, ... had banned it from being sung, and decreed that henceforth it should
only be played instrumentally. This was because it contained the line 'Germany,
united fatherland', which was not consistent with Honecker's politics or with his
view that ...

Daily Report Foreign Radio Broadcasts

Author: United States. Central Intelligence Agency
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On the eve of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet
people over fascism, he visited that city and now shares his impressions on this
trip. Stalingrad is a living memorial to the ... In connection with the celebrations of
the victory over fascist Germany, Comrade Raul Castro conveys greetings to
Soviet soldiers and veterans of the Great Fatherland War and to those who today
stand vigilantly on guard over the gains of socialism. The victory of the glorious
armed ...

The Model Man

Author: Hans Krabbendam
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042014954
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Ultimately, he offered himself as a model to aspiring boys, responsible mothers,
and optimistic men, believing that his example would help perfect his new
fatherland. However, Bok's efforts to provide his audience with useful ... 11 Daniel
J. Boorstin, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America, 25th Anniversary
Edition With a New Foreword by the Author and an Afterword by George F. Will (
New York: Atheneum, 1987), 57-66. Bok eamed his own celebrity status through
his ...

The Southern Register

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Cover of 25th anniversary edition of Mildred D. Taylor's classic story based on the
history of her Mississippi family - | Ž @ (the 1: Mound FIGURE 1. The Fatherland
Site (The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians), Adams County, Mississippi. Map
for James F. Barnett Jr.'s entry on the Natchez Indians is based on Robert S.
Neitzel, Archaeology of the Fatherland Site: The Grand Village of the Natchez (
Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Archaeological Report No.