Faith Fatherland And The Norwegian Seaman

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Although this theory was generally abandoned in medical circles in the course of
the 1880s, it lingered in the popular understanding of contagious disease.19 In a
publication from 1889, marking the 25th anniversary of the Seamen's Mission,
Pastor Eugène Hanssen described the work of the mission in Antwerp in these
25 years, and the difficult conditions under which it worked. 'One thing is to plant
a seed, another matter is the soil and the climate, in which the seed must grow:
the ...

North Korea Handbook

Author: Yonhap News Agency, Seoul
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Apr. 23 Apr. 24 Apr. 25 Apr. 28 Apr. 29 May May 1 May 5 May 11 May 13 May 15
May 18 May 20 May 21 May 23 Day of the Election of Kim Jong-il as
Generalissimo Elected Apr. 23, 1992 Day of Colliers (11th anniversary)
Designated Oct. 1, ... Day (111th anniversary) Designated to commemorate a
strike by Chicago-based workers May 1, 1886 (National holiday) Day of the
Enforcement of Socialist Labor Law Adopted Apr. 18, 1978 Day of the Foundation
of Fatherland Restoration ...

The A To Z Of Kierkegaard S Philosophy

Author: Julia Watkin
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Strangely enough for the editor of a paper, Giodwad disliked personal publicity
and therefore avoided being present at the celebration of The Fatherland's 25th
Anniversary in December 1864. Similarly, he retired quietly from his editorial post
. Giodwad was a friend and great admirer of Kierkegaard, acting as intermediary
between Kierkegaard and the printer and bookseller of the pseudonymous works
. In his journals of 1838, Kierkegaard jokingly refers to the case currently in
process ...

Easier Fatherland

Author: Steve Crawshaw
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... noted, 'like diplomats who had forgotten their umbrellas'. In armies all over the
world, continuity with the past is a key theme. In the post-war Federal Republic,
such continuity was unthinkable. Instead, the clean break with the past was what
counted, above all. Even so, West Germans remained wary. The numbers of
those seeking exemption from conscription was much higher in West Germany
than anywhere else in Europe. In 1980, a ceremony marking the 25th
anniversary ...


Author: Robert Harris
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England im März 1943. In Bletchley Park wird fieberhaft daran gearbeitet, die Wunder-Chiffrier-Maschine Enigma, die den Funkverkehr der deutschen U-Boote verschlüsselt, zu knacken.

Peking Review

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TODAY is the 25th anniversary of the Korean Fatherland Liberation War. The
Chinese people commemorate this day of united struggle together with the
fraternal Korean people. Twenty-five years ago, the U.S. imperialists flagrantly
launched a war of aggression against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
. This was followed by their forcible occupation of our territory, Taiwan Province.
Under the wise leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea headed by Comrade
Kim II Sung, ...

Daily Report

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Wreaths were laid also by the members of the congratulatory group of Koreans in
Japan headed by Comrade Chong Chae-pil, vice-chairman of the Central
Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (
Chongnyon), who have come to the socialist fatherland to celebrate the 25th
anniversary of the founding of the republic ; the 10th, llth and 12th home-visiting
groups of compatriots from Japan and the Korean press corps from Japan. A
guard of honor ...

Daily Report

Author: United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service
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KOREAN WAR Joint Editorial Peking NCNA In Englloh 1729 GMT 25 Jun 75 OW
[Text] Peking, June 25. 1975 (HSINHUA)— The PEOPLE'S DAILY and the
LIBERATION AR1W DAILY today jointly carry an editorial to mark the 25th
anniversary of the Korean fatherland liberation war. Entitled "Great Victory of the
Korean People's Anti- Imperialist Revolutionary Struggle," the editorial reads In
full as follows: Today Is ...

The Making Of The Atomic Bomb

Author: Richard Rhodes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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25th Anniversary Edition Richard Rhodes. physicist . . . stood on the platform, his
head slightly inclined, and a friendly but somewhat embarrassed smile on his lips
. Summer light flooded in ... In the Youth Movement young Germans on hiking
tours built campfires, sang folk songs, talked of knighthood and the Holy Grail
and of service to the Fatherland. Many were idealists, but authoritarianism and
anti-Semitism already bloomed poisonoust among them. When Heisenberg
finally got to ...

The Nazi Spy Pastor Carl Krepper And The War In America

Author: J. Francis Watson
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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Five months after Pastor Krepper celebrated his 25th anniversary of pastoral
service in the United States, he prepared for a significant trip. He would once
again travel to Germany. After 25 years in America, Krepper would take a two-
month trip back to the Fatherland, and during that trip he would investigate the
possibility of securing a Lutheran parish in Germany. This journey would be
pivotal for Krepper, as it would help him make up his mind to leave the United
States and go back to ...