Farmhouse Ales

Author: Phil Markowski
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Culture and Craftsmanship in the European Tradition Phil Markowski. by modern
brewers. In addition, I provide guidelines for formulating recipesfor a variety of
farmhouse ales, distilled from nearlytwo decadesofmy own attempts to replicate
these challenging brews using information gleaned from conversations with
brewers of bière de garde and saison. I could not resist throwing insome
philosophical opinions and advice, my own “been there, done that” experience.
Through all of this ...

Oregon Breweries

Author: Brian Yaeger
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But in the case of the beer, while Ambacht already has a 6.5 percent Golden
Farmhouse Ale, G++ is an 8 percent Strong Golden Ale aged in bourbon barrels
procured from Hair of the Dog owner Alan Sprints after he has used them to age
his Cherry Adam From the Wood. “We don't like really hoppy beers,” Kramer
crowed. “We're the only Oregon brewery without an IPA.” Well, not the only, but
you can count Oregon's IPA-less breweries on one hand. Kramer's love of
Belgian ales ...

Beer Bites

Author: Andrea Slonecker
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debatable whether or not an operation lacking farmland, livestock, or a tractor
can truly call itself a “farmhouse brewery,” it's beyond question that this genre of
spicy, many-layered beers is a great companion to cuisines from around the
globe. Farmhouse ales are ...

The Sage Encyclopedia Of Alcohol

Author: Scott C. Martin
Publisher: SAGE Publications
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Farmhouse and Belgian ales are regional beers that include a wide range of
flavors, styles, and ingredients. If farmhouse and Belgian Ales can be classified
by anything, it is by their inability to fit into neat categories. Unlike many specific
designations of beer styles, such as pale ale or stout, the terms farmhouse ales
and Belgian ale designate multiple styles associated with regions. These include
the paleyellow witbier; the amber, fullbodied Belgian dubbel; the fruity saison;
and the ...

The Best Of American Beer And Food

Author: Lucy Saunders
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72 Wet Maximus and Stone Brewing Company for its Wet Arrogant Bastard,
Hunt's ales completely fit the model of farmhouse brewing. Sonoma County is
famous for supporting small farmers, and Sheana Davis of the Epicurean
Connection assists both brewers and small producers with agricultural marketing.
Davis told me of an innovative experiment to bring together food and beer at the
Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma. “Small food producers bring samples
to taste at the ...

Beer Tasting Toolkit

Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Chronicle Books
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Some of the more important sub-styles include two worth bookmarking:
farmhouse ales and strong ales. Farmhouse ales (saisons and biere de gardes)
are rustic beers often made with spices and wheat; like hearty bread from a good
bakery, they are rich, fresh, wholesome, and delicious. Belgians regularly employ
sugar to make strong ales of winelike strength and complexity, some dark, some
golden, most deceptively approachable. Blind Tasting Idea Comparing flights of
farmhouse ...

The Beer Bible

Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Workman Publishing
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It's easy to romanticize wholesome farmhouse ales, but these were amateur
brewers making beer on wheezy, rusty, old equipment a few times a year—a lot
of that beer would have been pretty gnarly stuff. Adding spices was another
measure toward remediating harshness. Ginger was a mainstay, and
nineteenthcentury writers mention star anise, sage, peppercorn, coriander, and
cumin as regular spices. Yeast character was and remains the central element in
these beers. Belgian ...

The Secrets Of Master Brewers

Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Storey Publishing
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Understanding Rustic French Ales If rustic French ales are just a move back
toward older forms of farmhouse ales, aren't they just a version of the Belgian
saison? Yes and no. Brewers such as Thiriez admire the Belgian tradition
enormously. Indeed, the French are enamored of the beers of their smaller
neighbor, sometimes to the exclusion of their own ales. Thiriez cites saisons,
abbey ales, and gueuze as his central influences. But brewers of the Nord-Pas-
de-Calais see themselves ...

North Carolina Craft Beer Breweries

Author: Erik Lars Myers
Publisher: John F. Blair, Publisher
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... beer lovers can travel to saxapahaw to visit haw river Farmhouse ales. haw
river is the model of a contemporary farmhouse-style brewery. its relationship
with local farmers and food producers is deep. like many other north Carolina
breweries, it gets a portion of its malt from asheville's riverbend Malt house. But
most of haw river's more unique ingredients come from within 100 miles of the
brewery. a tour through its ever-rotating beer list uncovers local vegetables such
as carrots and ...

Pennsylvania Breweries

Author: Lew Bryson
Publisher: Stackpole Books
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He was certainly not any kind of Belgian beer maker, and his farmhouse brewery
was just that: a brewery in a farmhouse. Actually, it was in a barn. But would we
see farmhouse ales? “We plan to ease into the farmhouse ale idea,” Brian told
me Beers brewed: Year-round: Rust Belt Amber, Hellbender Robust Porter, Ale
Mary Wit, Fighting Scotchtoberfest, I.B.U.D. 59, Effin' Dunkel- weizen. Seasonals:
Blissberry, Kick Bock, Downtown Kenny Brown, Lightning Rod Farmhouse Ale, ...