The Lost Aztec Mines

Author: Jack Lamb
ISBN: 9781520928203
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Since the books in this series narrate the account of a real-life adventure, they are set in the form and genre of an adventure novel.

A Mythic Mayan Meander

Author: Jack Lamb
ISBN: 9781520939506
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Since the books in this series narrate the account of a real-life adventure, they are set in the form and genre of an adventure novel.


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The truly committed can enter "Pole, Pedal, Paddle," an annual multi-sport
competition in May. Or go skiing. July 4th usually can be celebrated with
fireworks and turns on Mt. Bachelor (800-829- 2442; Tired
yet? —G.T. • DON'T MISS The High Desert Museum. Four miles south of Bend,
this "living museum" celebrates regional history with live animals, art galleries
and pioneer artifacts. # BEST DEAL Sunriver Resort offers golf, lodging and
adventure packages ...

Adventure Mystery And Romance

Author: John G. Cawelti
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226098678
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Formula Stories as Art and Popular Culture John G. Cawelti. the gang who
participate in the robberies, we ... Like the hard-boiled detective, but in a more
extreme form, he is a man of honor and courage in a corrupt and hypocritical
society. He knows what he is and what he wants, and ... his frank criminality, is
his life-style. Because he usually makes off with a large sum of money, Parker is
able to live very well, while really working only one or two days each year; and
his work is full of ...

Retailing The Environments For Retailing

Author: A. M. Findlay
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415087209
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This is best illustrated in the festival marketplaces, which reproduce historical
landscapes in the city with restored architectural details, antique material artifacts
strewn almost casually on the landscape, and professional actors in period
costume portraying historical characters (Rouse Co.'s "Art in the Marketplace"
program, for example, now has a performing arts programs to create "Living
History"). Even the older suburban centers are now retrofitted with Victorian,
Colonial, or Art Deco ...

New York Magazine

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Perhaps the most extreme examples of Inferential Art are conceptual works,
which can be outlined but not feasibly built, like Oldenburg's monstrous
monuments for the world's cities, or essays about experiences in more than four
dimensions. A converse variation is the ... From this kind of career follows the
strictly contemporary idea of the artist as ultimately not a painter or a sculptor but
a man engaged on a creative adventure that will involve him with various media.
The fundamental ...

Hiking Grand Canyon National Park

Author: Ron Adkison
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762774983
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A Guide to the Best Hiking Adventures on the North and South Rims Ron Adkison
Ben Adkison. tures. Ruins are an interesting highlight of a hike, but they are
inappropriate places to make camp. After observing ... Never add your own graffiti
to irreplaceable rock art panels. If you happen upon an archaeological site where
artifacts remain, you may photograph but not touch them. If you pick up or
rearrange objects, you may be destroying an important link to the past. Once an
artifact is ...

Virtual Worlds

Author: Pramod K Nayar
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761932283
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Orlan's work in the 1980s became more outrageous, eliciting howls of protest and
debates on whether her work could be termed 'art'. Focusing upon her body as
art-object, Orlan would exhibit herself, wash her clothes in public and so on (one
1981 installation at the Aix-la-Chapel recorded people's horrified and revolted
expressions at her exhibition!). In 1990 Orlan embarked upon her most
adventurous and controversial series. Titled The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan, it
was an ...


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GAMING '99 I 3 Anachronox (eidos; pcj Alien-artifact hunter warns, "Don't come
any closer, space zombie." 3 Silver (infogrames; pc/dc) Happily married ... 4 Sled
Storm (electronic arts; psxj Extreme snowmobile racing. Very Mountain Dew but
still surprisingly fun. ... Bungie finally delivers with a third-person adventure that
not only stocks the heroine with a huge arsenal of weapons but allows her an
intricate hand-to-hand fighting system as well. Impressively realistic and

In And Out Of Hollywood

Author: Charles Higham
Publisher: Terrace Books
ISBN: 029923343X
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I alone talked to him; the handicapped were a living contradiction of Hollywood
glamour and were shunned. While work continued on Ziegfeld, and The Art of the
American Film was scheduled for publication by Doubleday, I began planning a
biography of Cecil B. DeMille for the avuncular and respected publisher Charles
Scribner Jr., who received me with glowing hospitality at his oak-lined office over
his today sadly vanished bookstore on Fifth Avenue. Approved by him, I flew back