The New Spelling Dictionary To Which Is Prefixed A Grammatical Introduction To The English Tongue A New Edition Carefully Revised And Corrected To Which Is Now First Added A Catalogue Of Words Of Similar Sound But Of Different Spellings And Significations

Author: John ENTICK
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John ENTICK. T H E N E W S P E L L I N G D I C T I o N A R Y, T E A C H I N G *
To Write and Pronounce the E N G L I S. H. Tongue with Ease and Propriety. a.
for Adjećtive: ad, for Adverb: conj. for Conjunaion : intj. for Interjećtion vo. for
Participle: pr: for Preposition: /, for Substantive : •v. for erb: 'v.a. for Verb Aétive :
v. m. for Verb Neuter. A B B B'ACOT, s. a kind of double crown Abacus, s a desk,
the highest member of a column Abad'don,s a name given to the devil Abáft, ad
toward the ...

Entick S New Spelling Dictionary Carefully Revised Corrected And Improved By John Robinson

Author: John ENTICK
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means Adjective: ad. Adverb: ar. Article: con. Conjunction: in. Interjection: pg.
Participle : Pr. Preposition: pret. Preterite: pron. Pronoun: s. Substantive: v. Verb: "
.. a. Verb Active : t. n. Verb Neuter. -- ABA ABB *, *, used before a consonant.
Abash'ed, pa. put out of countenance, confused. *k, ad back, backward, behind.
Abash'ment ...

A Catalog Of Dictionaries English Language American Indian And Foreign Languages

Author: Cincinnati. Public Library. Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections
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Explaining the various senses in vhich they are used, supported hy authorities
from the best English writers. ... VI. A geographical account of the principal
kingdoms, cities, ic. of the world. VII. A description of the see next card RAl*23
Entick, John, 1703T-1773. S6l The new spelling dictionary, teaching to 1782
write and pronounce the English tongue with ease and propriety; in which each
word is accented according to its Just and natural pronunciation; the part of
speech is properly ...

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

Author: Library of Congress
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F spelling dictionary, teaching to write and proie English tongue with ease and
propriety ... The i DO 1Ш CP tfa.6 аз**» К 1 1 " 1 1 ivi¡j(ur «ini fiiw «ii'i jji ч\ч itri» By
... John Estick ... A new ed. carefully rev. &ad cor. London. Printed for C. Dilly,
1782. ... S cm. U.A70.fc* NE 0137329 Ct« PPL 0C1 MH NN MdAN PPL 0137320
0LC NIC МИЛ VI CaBVIP NcU 1CU CtT V<U DN tntlek, John, 170ЭТ-1Т7Э.
rEntlck's new spelling a tlonary ... To whioh is prefixed a .. graaatar ... by V.
Crakelt. London ...

Die Tradition Der Universalgrammatik Im England Des 17 Und 18 Jahrhunderts

Author: Astrid Buschmann-Göbels
Publisher: Nodus
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1728. [Reprint Menston: The Scolar Press 1967]. 1765 The New Spelling
Dictionary. Teaching to Write and Pronounce the English Tongue with Ease and
Propriety. To which is Prefixed a Grammatical Introduction to the English Tongue.
Printed by Edward and Charles Duly. London 1765. Farro, Daniel 1754 The
Royal Universal British Grammar and Vocabulary. Being A Digestion of the entire
English Language into its proper Parts of Speech. Compiled and calculated for
equal Ease, ...