Drink The Harvest

Author: Nan K. Chase
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603429131
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Drink the Harvest presents simple recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photographs for a variety of teas, syrups, ciders, wines, and kombuchas.

A Guide To Preserving Food For A 12 Months Harvest

Author: Mariel Dewey
Publisher: Ortho Information Services
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canning, freezing, smoking, and drying, making cheese, cider, soap and grinding
grain, getting the most from your garden ... Pour the freshly pressed apple juice
quickly into clean jugs or bottles and store in the refrigerator. lt is ready to drink at

Food Processing By Rural Families

Author: Asian and Pacific Council. Food & Fertilizer Technology Center
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Due to tough competition with soft drinks, the juice-making industry hardly has
any profit from making pure juice. ... During harvest season, vegetables or fruits
other than fresh consumptions are preserved by pickling or preserve-making in
the ...


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Both kinds of juice are fermented together using Lalvin 71 B yeast. The house
style aims for about half a percent of residual sugar. Besides this basically dry
style, Fogarty also makes a late harvest Gewurztraminer from the last grapes of
the harvest, ... Owner Ted Bennett says Navarro aims for a dry style for one main
reason: that's how he likes to drink it. ... of Wine) David Lake selects grapes only
from cooler sites in the Yakima Valley that help preserve acidity in this low-acid

Canning Trade

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The patents for making fruit juice powders and dried honey (No. 2,816,- 039, No.
2,816,840, and No. 2,906 ... Grapefruit drinks rated good, but similar commercial
products are not available for comparison. All drinks rated high after a year in ...

Good Packaging

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Both systems operate at much lower temperatures than the traditional hot pack
system for juice canning and thereby ... "However, as long as the cans remain
sealed, their contents are safe to drink indefinately in spite of non-refrigerated ...
Citrus Central believes that the largest untapped markets for fruit juices are Citrus
Central, Inc., a cooperative can- maker based in Orlando Florida, ... Most canned
juice processors now pack all of their juice during the harvest season and store
the ...

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Food And Drink In America A J

Author: Andrew F. Smith
ISBN: 9780195175516
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During World War II scientists developed a process for making powdered orange
juice. After the war, the powdered juice ... Canned fruit juices are sold in vending
machines and stores along with soda pop. [See also Applejack; Brandy; Cider; ...

Backyard Medicine

Author: Julie Bruton-Seal
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 1626368694
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Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies Julie Bruton-Seal, Matthew Seal.
or chew ... For making a medicine to preserve, gather the leaves during the
summer. To dry the ... Dose: Drink a mugful three times a day. Plantain ... Plantain
succus Juice fresh plantain leaves and mix the juice with an equal amount of

Food Science And Technology Abstracts

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beet sugar juices, coagulates stability in diffusion 4L249 beverages, colloids
stabilization in. ... Patent 5H848 bread, vitamin B„ stability in stored 7M81 1
breadmaking, vitamin B„ stability during 7M81 1 buttermaking, temp. ... 8P1465
dough, freezing stability of yeasted 6M682, 6M683 dried foods, a-tocopherols
storage stability in 11A816 drinks, brewers yeasts ... Patent 1H2 hops,
postharvest handling & storage stability of 10H1504 hops, stabilization of, Patent
4H653 ice cream, lactose ...

The Wealth Of India

ISBN: 9788185038971
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'Coorg' and 'Nagpur' mandarins and 'Sathgudi' oranges have becn tricq for
making juice powders employing egg albumin as the foaming agent, ... days after
harvest, followed by chemical pccling, and silling the segments in tall cans and
canning them in 35° Brix syrup. ... Citrus-base drinks—Citrus bases for these
drinks are manufactured by the addition of sugar or syrup, citric acid, colour,
flavouring ...