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A Practical Guide for Librarians Robin Hastings. TEXTBOX 3.2. LEGAL
RESOURCES ON THE WEB If you do not have access to a lawyer to look over
your contracts, you can use legal resources on the web. Some of the better
resources are as follows (note that shortened links go to books in WorldCat):
Burnham, Scott J. 2003. Drafting and Analyzing Contracts: A Guide to the
Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law. 3rd ed. Newark, NJ:
LexisNexis. http://bit. ly/16Izj4M.


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Tools that make a contract pleasant to peruse include small blocks of text,
headings, a numbering and lettering system, lists, readable type, and white
space. 1. Government lawyers also draft statutes and regulations. 2. For
additional detail, see Kenneth A. Adams, A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting (
3d ed. 2013); Scott J. Burnham, Drafting and Analyzing Contracts: A Guide to the
Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law (4th ed. 2016); Tina L.
Stark, Drafting Contracts: ...

Rohwer And Skrocki S Contracts In A Nutshell 7th

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This topic is well developed in Drafting and Analyzing Contracts: A Guide to the
Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law (3rd Ed–Burnham, Scott J.,
Matthew Bender, 2003). § 5.7 Avoidance of Contract on Basis of
Misrepresentation; Misrepresentation Defined A misrepresentation is an
assertion which is not in accord with the facts. A misrepresentation can 287 exist
regardless of the guilt or innocence of the person who makes the misstatement.
Misrepresentations may be ...

Legal Information Buyer S Guide And Reference Manual 2008

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ing various categories of words employed in contracts, vague words, words to
avoid and windy phrases, as well as an excellent bibliography of works on
drafting, and an Index. Burnham, Scott J. Drafting and Analyzing Contracts: A
Guide to the Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law. 3d ed.
Charlottesville, VA. LexisNexis, 2003. 1 vol. (382 pp.). No supplementation
between editions. Cost: $43 (2008). This student textbook is organized around
the topics presented in the ...

Sports Law

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Analyzing Whether the NFL Personal Conduct Policy Illegally Restrains Trade,
58 CATH. U.L. REV. 631 (2009) Martin J. Greenberg, College ... 127 (2001)
Martin J. Greenberg, Termination of College Coaching Contracts: When Does
Adequate Cause to Terminate Exist and Who Determines Its Existence?, 17
MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 197 (2006) Martin M. ... on Competition, 2008 J. DISP.
RESOL. 267 (2008) Scott J. Burnham, Drafting Contracts: A Guide to the Practical
Application of ...

The Contract Drafting Guidebook

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a guide to the practical application of the principles of contract law Scott J.
Burnham. This is a standard form contract. It will be used by many brokers and
sellers. The time spent by the drafter in putting it together will benefit many
transactions. It might be harder to justify economically drafting an agreement that
is used only once. This is one of the reasons plain language statutes apply only
to consumer contracts, form contracts that will be used on a number of occasions.
Even an ...

Aba Journal

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The Mental Gymnastics of Ian Macneil ONE OF THE recurring criticisms of the
traditional law school curriculum is what my better students refer to as the "trade
school approach" to the study of law. They claim they are being taught to be
technicians rather than lawyers. Some would say that they are always learning
what the law is and never what it should be. An example of this problem is the
traditional contracts course, in which one is taught to look for an offer and an

The Regulatory Function Of European Private Law

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But this should not prevent us from analysing whether or not a new foundation
can be proposed – as was the case for the autonomy principle. Furthermore, the
most recently implemented choice of law rules in EU directives might have
already challenged the classical theory to consider the objective of creation of the
internal market as a guideline.36 Non-voluntary connecting factors have been
adopted in choice of law rules relating to contracts for services, either to deal with
the ...