Delta Redemption

Author: Cristin Harber
Publisher: Mill Creek Press
ISBN: 1942236794
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"My name’s Victoria—No last name.

After Redemption

Author: John M. Giggie
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198041337
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Delta. Against this landscape, variable, heat-tortured, shifting; amid swamps dark
and mysterious and lost; in the presence of the mighty river rolling onward to the
Mexican Gulf, under sudden suns and swarming stars, never far from the Negro
speech and the Negro singing; within American and yet withdrawn from it, whites
and Negroes, in the strangest mass relationship of men on this continent,
painfully tried to work out their singular destiny together —David L.Cohn in The ...

Delta Collection Special Edition

Author: Cristin Harber
Publisher: NLA Digital LLC
ISBN: 1942236883
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The Delta Collection Special Edition boxed set includes three complete, bestselling romantic suspense stories (DELTA: RETRIBUTION, REVENGE, AND REDEMPTION) plus excerpts from DELTA: RESCUE and DELTA: RICOCHET.

The Arkansas Delta

Author: Jeannie M Whayne
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In the years following Redemption in 1874, blacks in the Delta counties took
advantage of several factors to continue political activism. The strong
organization of the Republican Party in the region and the heavy concentration of
blacks meant that while the Democrats successfully reclaimed the state,
Redemption in the Delta counties was milder than in the Deep South and did not
automatically eliminate black voting or the Republican Party. Rather, the move for
disfranchisement in the ...

The Most Southern Place On Earth

Author: James C. Cobb
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199762439
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Many Delta planters had blamed Reconstruction, with its military supervision and
Republican rule, for their inability to secure an adequate, dependable supply of
controllable labor. Even in the wake of Redemption, however, Delta planters
were unable to rely simply on coercion and intimidation as a solution to their
labor problems. Instead, they continued their struggle to regain control of their
labor and searched for a labor system that would guarantee them a stable,
dependable work ...

American Federal Tax Reports

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Subsequently, on October 31, 1985, Delta obtained relief from the automatic stay
of 11 U.S.C. §362(a) and began foreclosure proceedings against the property. At
the foreclosure sale, which was held on March 5, 1986, Delta purchased the
property for $50,667 credited on the debt. On April 3, 1986, the IRS sent a letter
notifying Delta that it was considering redemption of the property pursuant to 26
U.S.C. §7425(d). On June 20, 1986, the IRS exercised its right of redemption by ...

Inside Flyer

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My wish is for this restriction on award redemption to finally come to an end. 3.
That Delta would bring back award holds. Delta miles are hard enough to use as
it is. Their award inventory is tight. Their Web site prices available seats at higher
prices than inventory requires. Delta won't let you hold awards when you call
reservations anymore. but the Web site isn't viable and so it's tough to construct
awards. The technology and inventory make premium class international award ...

The Redemption Of Africa

Author: Frederic Perry Noble
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Location AFRICA— Continued I!. mho, Niger Delta (?) Ikorofiong, Old Kalabar. ..
Ikwezi Lamaci, Natal Impolweni, Natal Inanda, Natal Isangila, Belg. Kongo
Jacktown, Liberia Kambole,Bcchuanaland( ?) Kamondongo, Benguela...
Keiskama Hoek, Kafraria. Kologwe, Usambara, G. E. A Lagos, West Africa
Leloalong, Basutuland .... Leopoldville, Belgian Kongo Likabula, Nyasaland
Likoma, Nyasaland Lisungwe, Br. Cent. Af. . . . Livingstonia, Nyasaland..
Livingstonia Village, Nyasaland ...

U S Tax Cases

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Delta Savings & Loan Assn.. Inc. v. I.R.S. [Ц 9398] Delta Savings & Loan
Association, Inc., Plaintiff- Appellant v. Internal Revenue Service, Defendant-
Appellee. U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit; 87-3165, 6/17/88. Affirming the
District Court, 653 F.Supp. 664, 87-2 USTC f 9430. [Code Sec. 7425 — Result
unchanged by the Tax Reform Act of 1986 ] Lien for taxes: Judicial proceedings:
Redemption by U.S.: Amount to be paid. — The 1RS properly redeemed property
upon which it had ...

Federal Supplement First Series

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Delta obtained a lift of the Olano bankruptcy stay pursuant to § 362(d) in order to
foreclose on the Olano's house, but has made no further efforts to satisfy the
remainder of the Olano debt. Furthermore, nothing prohibits Delta from filing and
asserting its claim for the deficiency in the bankruptcy court and having that claim
duly administered in the bankruptcy proceedings. ///. The I.R.S.'s Alleged
Untimely Redemption and Tacit Acceptance of Delta's $85,312.53 Claim for
Reimbursement ...