Indirect Food Additives And Polymers

Author: Victor O. Sheftel
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DEHA is a hepatic peroxysomal proliferator in rodents, and carcinogenicity of
DEHA may be explained by its activity as peroxysomal proliferator. In contrast to
a previous carcinogenicity bioassay,5 Keith et al revealed a higher sensitivity of
F344 rats than B6C3F| mice to hepatic PP caused by DEHA.17 In spite of
assuming that PP is associated with cancer development, the dose-dependency
of PP would lead to the conclusion that the threshold exists for DEHA
carcinogenicity. Such a ...

Handbook Of Toxic Properties Of Monomers And Additives

Author: Victor O. Sheftel
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DEHA is a hepatic peroxysomal proliferator in rodents, and carcinogenicity of
DEHA may be explained by its activity as a peroxysomal proliferater. In contrast
to reported findings 10 years ago of a carcinogenicity bioassay,3 Keith et al.
revealed recently a higher sensitivity of Fisher 344 rats than B6C3F, mice to
hepatic PP caused by DEHA.12 In spite of assuming that PP is associated with
cancer development, the dose-dependency of PP would lead to the conclusion
that the threshold ...

Guidelines For Drinking Water Quality

Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
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12.52 Di(2-ethylhexyl)adipate Di(2-ethylhexyl)adipate (DEHA) is used mainly as
a plasticizer for synthetic resins such as PVC. Reports of the presence of DEHA
in surface water and drinking-water are scarce, but DEHA has occasionally been
identified in drinking-water at levels of a few micrograms per litre. As a
consequence of its use in PVC films, food is the most important source of human
exposure (up to 20mg/day). DEHA is of low short-term toxicity; however, dietary
levels above ...

New Scientist

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Jon Tinker American chemist Julian Heicklen wants to prevent the formation of
photochemical smog by releasing an inhibitory chemical, diethyl hydroxylamine (
DEHA), into the atmosphere. DEHA is a scavenging molecule that will mop up
nitric oxide before it can react with hydrocarbons to create ozone. And, according
to an article in the current issue of Science (vol 193, p 871), there is a distinct
possibility that Israeli authorities will allow him to test out his idea in Jerusalem
next year.

Food Chemical Safety Contaminants

Author: David H. Watson
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Information had also been obtained about the migration levels of the polymeric
plasticisers used as alternatives and a mathematical model had been
established along with empirical rules for estimating migration of plasticisers
other than DEHA. At that time, the maximum intake figure of 8.2 mg/day was not
considered to be a hazard to health but it was considered prudent to reduce
intakes further. In particular, advice was given to consumers that the plasticised
films should not be used ...


Author: G. Gordon Gibson
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DEHA metabolism and peroxisome proliferation DEHA metabolism in the rat
Metabolism after a single dose Excretion of [1,6- C] DEHA by the rat is rapid as
most of the radioactivity (75%) is recovered 24 h later. The low amount of residual
"Cin the carcass after 72 h (1.5%) suggests that DEHA is not retained in organs
involved in DEHA distribution (liver, kidney, muscle and adipose tissue). These
findings have been substantiated by several authors (Takahashi et al., 1981;
CMA, 1985).

Basic Research In Polymer And Monomer Chemistry

Author: James W. Summers
Publisher: Nova Publishers
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N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) ESR spectrum of radicals formed in DEHA
solution in styrene at 130°C is presented on Figure 2a. The similar spectrum was
detected in DEHA solution in m-xylene at 130°C. The spectrum can be positively
assigned to nitroxyl radical (CH3CH2)NO'. Analyze of spectrum was carried out
by "Simphonia" program (Bruker). Theoretical spectra were calculated. Good
agreement was observed with experimental spectra. Parameters used in
simulation were ...

Handbook Of Food Science Technology And Engineering

Author: Yiu H. Hui
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0849398487
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In the Canadian study, fresh meat, poultry and fish contained up to 14μg DEHA/g;
a noteworthy observation was that smoked salmon filet contained 220μg/g
reflecting its relatively greater surface area exposed to the packaging material (
10). Cheeses wrapped in polymer films contained between 2.1–310μg DEHA/g
and mean levels of 2.2μg DEHP/g. Packaged ready-to-eat foods contained
between 7.9–160μg DEHA/g. Levels of DEHA in store- wrapped cheese were
observed to ...

Nutritional Toxicology

Author: John Hathcock
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D. Di(2-ethylhexyl) Adipate Di(2-ethylhexyl) adipate (DEHA) has a long history as
a plasticizer in PVC and poly(vinylidene chloride) (PVCD) food-packaging
materials. Its principal use is in PVC food-wrap film sold to consumers as
household wrap or to supermarkets for wrapping such foods as fresh meats,
poultry, fish, and cheese. PVC film wraps typically contain 15—25 wt% DEHA.
There is a paucity of data on DEHA residues in marketplace foods,* but migration
of DEHA from PVC ...

Between Certainty And Finitude

Author: Aucke Forsten
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
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There are three other occurrences of -gati in combination with the compound
deha-bhoga-pratistha(na): cf. N51. 17-52.1: deha-bhoga-pratistha-gati-vikalpa-
matre; N80.9-10: deha-bhoga-pratistha-gati-vikalpa-anugatam; N 140. 1-2: deha-
bhoga-pratistha-gati-vikal- pa-atma-atmiya-graha-vivikta-darsanat. 213 The idea
that the Alayavijnana manifests itself as deha-bhoga-pratistha(na), is suggested
a number of times in the LAS. Cf. N54.9-10 (cf. S5): drsyam na vidyate cittam
cittam ...