Crow Indian Rock Art

Author: Timothy P McCleary
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315431122
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Indigenous Perspectives and Interpretations Timothy P McCleary ... his book
examines the cultural role of rock art for the Apsáalooke, or Crow, people of the
northern Great Plains. Like any sociocultural product, rock art has a history that
developed ... Importantly, then, this presentation begins by introducing Plains
Indian rock art of the 19th century from what we know about it through its own
stylistic conventions and from ethnographic data and historical accounts. The
discussion then ...

Southwestern Lore

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Boyd, D. K. 1990 Aboriginal Rock Art of Justiceburg Reservoir: A Regional
Perspective for the Texas Panhandle-Plains. ... In Howling Wolf: A Cheyenne
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Chronology in ...

Ancient Visions

Author: Julie E. Francis
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1998a Finding Rain in the Desert: Landscape, Gender, and Far Western North
American Rock Art. In The Archaeology of Rock Art, edited by Christopher
Chippendale and Paul S. Ta^on, pp. 11-29. Cambridge University ... 1998c
Meaning and Metaphor in the Coso Pet- roglyphs: Understanding Great Basin
Rock Art. In Coso Rock Art: A New Perspective, edited by Elva Younkin, pp. 109-
174. Maturango Press ... Wildschut, W. I9j5 Crow Indian Medicine Bundles.
Contributions from the ...

North American Indian Jewelry And Adornment

Author: Lois Sherr Dubin
Publisher: Abradale Press
Size: 44.38 MB
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"Land Otters and Shamans: Some Interpretations of Tlingit Charms." American
Mian Art Magazine 4. no. 1 (winter 1978): 62-66. Jones, Dewitt. "Homeland of the
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Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1939. Jopling. Carol F. The
Coppers ...

Art Of The Warriors

Author: James D. Keyser
Publisher: Salt Lake City : University of Utah Press
ISBN: 9780874808117
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1987 Vertical Series Rock Art and Its Relation to Protohistoric Plains Indian
Symbolism. Archaeology in Montana 28(2):3-17. 1989a Rock Art of the ...
Influences in the Rock Art of the Middle Rio Grande. In Columbian
Consequences: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on the Spanish
Borderlands West, Vol. ... U.S. Court of Claims, Washington D.C Voget, Fred W.
1964 Warfare and the Integration of Crow Indian Culture. In Explorations in
Cultural Anthropology, edited by W H.

American Indian Rock Art

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In Handbook of North American Indians. Volume 12: Plateau, pp. 223-237.
Deward E. Walker, Jr., editor. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Butler, B.
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Plateau Rock Art Ethnography. Report to the USDA- Forest Service, Regional
Office, Portland, OR. 2006 Tiim'enin': Indigenous Conceptions of Columbia
Plateau Rock Art. In ...

Reference Encyclopedia Of The American Indian

Author: Barry T. Klein
Publisher: Todd Publications
ISBN: 9780915344772
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Lanford; F. Dennis Lessurd, Editor Illus. ... Paintings by George Catlin. Map.
Biblio. 284 pp. Paper. University of Oklahoma Press, $18.95. CRYING FOR A
DREARichard Erdoes Focus is on the natural & sacred world of North America's
indigenous peoples, includes elements of the Sioux ceremonial cycle & portraits
of native peoples ...

Minorities In America

Author: Wayne Charles Miller
ISBN: 9780271003795
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Titles relevant for American Indian studies: "The Roots and Continuities of
Shamanism" by Peter T. Furst; "Bits of Dough, Twigs of Fire" by Nick Johnson; "
Wolf Collar; The Shaman As Artist" by Ted Brasser; "Kwakiutl Winter Dances, A
Reenactment" by Peter L. Macnair; "Potlatch At Alert Bay" by Peter L. Macnair; "
Queen Charlotte ... Then he offers his collection, a transcription and analysis of
the music of the Crow Indians in Montana. Giles ... "Havasupai Songs: A
Linguistic Perspective.

An Introduction To Cultural And Social Anthropology

Author: Peter B. Hammond
Size: 42.36 MB
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American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C. Lotz, J.,
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McCarthy, F., 1958, Australian Aboriginal Rock Art. Australian National Museum,
Sydney ...

Rock Art Research

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Application of digital image enhancement in rock art recording. American Indian
Rock Art 28: 121-8. McNiven, I. J. 1998. Enmity and amity: reconsidering stone-
headed club (gabagaba) procurement and trade in Torres Strait. Oceania 69(2):
94-115. McNiven, I. J. in press. Saltwater people: marine rituals and the
archaeology of Australian indigenous seascapes. World Archaeology. McNiven,
I. J., and B. David in press. Torres Strait rock art: overview of sites and pigment