Soul Of The South

Author: Myrlen Britt
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Cottonmouth. Creek. Summers are hot in west Tennessee and 1947 was no
exception. School was out to allow the children to help chop cotton. It was
Saturday afternoon in June and four unlikely fourteen year olds were engaging in
their favorite past time. “Ahhh, the water feels great!” Mel Briscoe eased his thin
body down onto the damp bank and dangled his feet in the slow moving creek. A
few yards downstream Cottonmouth Creek widened into what had become a
swimming hole.

The Sedimentary Record Of Meteorite Impacts

Author: Kevin R. Evans
Publisher: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 0813724376
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A: In Cottonmouth Creek near the waterfall, outcrops show the stratigraphic
separation between the Chicxulub impact spherule ejecta layer now altered to
Cheto smectite (yellow clay layer) and the sandstone complex 60 cm above. The
K-T boundary is about 40 cm above the top of the sandstone complex. Figure 17 (
continued). B: Cottonmouth Creek (CM) tributary of the. structural disturbance of
the sediments and presence of normal latest Maastrichtian microfossil
assemblages ...

Five Star Trails Birmingham

Author: Thomas M. Spencer
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
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A little less than half a mile up this trail, we took a right across a narrow wooden
bridge crossing Cottonmouth Creek. As we crossed the bridge, the stream banks
came alive with the hopping of frogs fleeing our approach. With all that jumping
and movement, I was slightly nervous about crossing Cottonmouth Creek,
especially after my son James reminded me that cottonmouth snakes love to eat
frogs. Safely on the other side, we foundourselves in a pawpaw patch. In the fall,
pawpaw ...

Sudden Death Playoff

Author: Brian Strangman
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Nothin' but swamp and marshes beyond the jetty, which is built on a bend of
Cottonmouth creek.” Tyler indicated a hard area of rock and clay bank, ahead of
the jetty, on which to park the car. “This is the last piece of dry land you'll see for
quite a while,” he said. “Now we climb on board my AirBoat, for the ride into the
sawgrass and hardwood hammock.” He sliced a fresh lump of tobacco from the
plug he carried in his pocket, and began to chomp on it contentedly. They
stepped onto ...

Climatological Data National Summary

Author: United States. Environmental Data Service
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Three people died on West Bouldin Creek in South Austin, six were killed on Dry
Creek, and one on Cottonmouth Creek, both southeast of Austin. Two people
died at Bunton near Kyle, and one person drowned on Young Creek near Cibolo
in Guadalupe County. The flash flooding on Onion, Cottonmouth, and Dry Creeks
inundated about 100 house trailers on the banks of the Colorado River in Austin
with many of them destroyed. The inhabitants were rescued by boat and

The Cottonmouth Club

Author: Lance Marcum
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Summertime and the livin' ain't easy School's finally out, and eleven-year-old Mitch Valentine is ready to get started on his extensive list of things to do with his best friend - until his mom ruins everything with a surprise announcement.


Author: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
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In some places the mudstone is highly calcareous, but in most occurrences the
carbonate is more localized and has replaced large Thalassinoides burrows,
producing irregular concretions set in mudstone matrix. This horizon is easy to
recognize and very useful for determining stratigraphic position relative to the
boundary complex in the Cottonmouth Creek area. Along the east bank of the
Brazos River, between the RB-4 and RB-5 riverbed sections, this horizon occurs
as a zone of ...

Proceedings Of The Annual Conference Southeastern Association Of Fish And Wildlife Agencies

Author: Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
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Presence of swine activity, x (SE) fecal coliform counts (FC), x (SE) heterotrophic
plate counts (HPC) measure at five locations in the Mill Creek watershed,
southwest Louisiana, 2003-2003. Summer and Fall 2002 accesses. By the
following spring, swine activity moved upland to Alligator Creek (site E) accesses.
In the summer and fall, we observed more, but not significantly greater, riparian
damage, rooting, and wallows in and alongside reaches in Cottonmouth Creek (
site C) and ...

Guide Book Of The Field Trip

Author: South Texas Geological Society
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Onion Creek Terrace on right. Pilot Knob on the right at 2:00 o'clock. First
described by R. T. Hill as a Cretaceous volcanic cone (1890). Creek. Intersection
with Burleson Road. Onion Creek. Cottonmouth Creek. Intersection, turn right on
Elroy Road Scenic Drive. McKinney Falls Park marker. Fault; Sprinkle claystone
onto volcanoclastics. Pilot Knob on left, series of disconnected basalt plugs and
flows. Ridges on right held up by these flows. Black soils on left are on

Bulletin Of The South Texas Geological Society

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1"' Figure l0. C heto smectite derived from altered impact glass marks the C
hixculub spherule layer and the reworked sphemles at the base of the sandstone
complex in the Cottonmouth Creek. -Cottonmouth Creek 513C 6136 Camite . -— '
Granulomet ' Len“'(~|dina 3-PP1 fines 38-()3vn1)P ac 80 T.O.C. — ry 0 L13' Slll
LATE MAASTHICHT IAN DANMN Micula prinsii zone (CC26) NP1 a P
hlmkemnoidcs Zone (CF1) Sandstone complex Sam ...