Compelled By Love

Author: Ed Stetzer
Publisher: New Hope Publishers
ISBN: 1596692278
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Rather, God actually is love. Therefore, the love born from His being is not earthly
by nature; it isn't human or common: it is a divine love. Unfortunately, the church
is known as many things today. Collectively, Christians are seen as one of
several moral standards for the culture, as a political voting bloc, sometimes even
as a hypocritical mass. Yet God didn't create the church for it to establish political,
ethical, or sociological positions. Instead, the church is to be known as an
extension of ...

Administration Of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic
Publisher: CCH Incorporated
ISBN: 0808014358
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If it assumes that it will not get the extension and accelerates, it will not be able to
later prove the order element necessary for a constructive acceleration claim.
According to the board in Carroll, this is simply the result of the contractor's duty
to perform diligently during the resolution of a dispute, and the mere fact that a
contractor that has not been granted an extension adjusts its schedule to
complete the work on time does not show that the contractor was compelled to
adjust its ...

Speech On The Extension And Improvement Of Academical Collegiate And University Education In Ireland At Cork Nov 13 1844 With Notes Documentary And Illustrative

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The “monstrous evil,” as it was characteristically termed—the scandalous
delusion burst in its season, like all similar schemes, but not before it had cost the
nation £1,700,000, and not only our own age, but posterity, a large sacrifice of
morality and happiness. A few apostates were gained at the expense of ignorant
scholars and profligate apprentices. Parliament itself, a Protestant ascendancy
Parliament, was compelled to extinguish its offspring. (*) A mitigation of the
system followed: ...

Certain Variable Speed Wind Turbines And Components Thereof Inv 337 Ta 376

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1457825570
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8, issued on October 5, 1996, the ALJ denied respondents' motion for leave and
ordered production of the compelled documents “immediately.” Respondents
sought an extension of time until October 20, 1995, to comply with Order No. 8.
The ALJ ordered respondents to file a statement that the documents would be
produced by October 20 if the extension were granted. Respondents' counsel did
file such a statement, and the ALJ granted the extension until October 20. On
October 19 ...

Copyright Industries And The Impact Of Creative Destruction

Author: Jiabo Liu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415523885
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Principally, the book is designed to examine the extent to which the forces of
creative destruction can affect the relation between copyright expansion – the
legal extension of copyright duration as an enduring means of copyright
protection – and ... for triggering copyright expansion.6 The copyright industries
have vigorously compelled such expansion.7 It is widely argued that since the
digital revolution began, these industries have used their lobbying powers for
copyright expansion in ...

Public Utilities Law Anthology

Author: Denis A. Cooper
Publisher: International Library Law Book Publishers
ISBN: 9780914250197
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extension of the municipality's distributive system.79 In these situations, it is
reasonable to assume that the city's reluctance to extend service is based on the
adverse impact such an extension would have on city revenue allocations. When
the facts demonstrate that this assumption is not reasonable, however, courts will
label the municipality's action proprietary and compel extension.80 Accordingly, if
potential customers offer to pay for the extension of service lines into the urban
fringe ...

Tradition And Innovation

Author: J.E. McGuire
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400915810
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Chapter. 4. Space,. Geometrical. Objects. and. Infinity: Newton. and. Descartes.
on. Extension. J. E. McGuire1 (1) Department of History and Philosophy of
Science, University of Pittsburgh, USA ... can have a positive conception of the
infinity of extension, though language is compelled to express it in a negative
mode; (4) that infinity in itself is not a perfection, but merely 'completes' those
perfections or imperfections which are intrinsic to natures; and, lastly (5) that
geometrical argument ...

Nature Mathematized

Author: William R. Shea
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789027714022
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... that "Space everywhere extends to infinity. [Sp_atium in infinitum. usque
omnifariam extenditur] " (De Grav. p. 101). In order to establish this claim against
Descartes' position Newton advances five principal theses: (1) that the extension
of space is in fact infinite and not merely 'indefinitely large'; (2) that the infinity of
space is an object of the understanding but not of the imagination; (3) that we can
have a positive conception of the infinity of extension, though language is
compelled to ...

Go And Go Moku

Author: Edward Lasker
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 048614304X
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Preferably the opponent should not yet be established at all in the n.eighborhood
of the extending stone, as in the case here illustrated. If it were Black's move, he
could make sure of conquering a great deal of space by the sequence 1.q5, r5; 3.
q6, r7; 5.q7, r8; 7.q8, qg; 9.p9. That is why White is compelled to answer the
extension i3 by placing a man on either q5 or q6, either of these two moves being
preferable to a mere extension on line r. In reply to White's r.q5 Black must guard

Soviet Professional Manpower

Author: Nicholas De Witt
Publisher: Washington, D.C., National Science Foundation
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Intermediate and upper grade (5-10) teachers of secondary schools were
requested to have higher education, and those who had not completed it were
compelled to do so through extension training. Thus, the enormous expansion of
extension training, which occurred predominantly in the education field, is partly
explainable on these grounds. The extremely rapid expansion of extension
training which is currently going on is also a result of another factor. Regular
higher educational ...