Columbus And The Quest For Jerusalem

Author: Carol Delaney
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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An assessment of the character and motivations of Christopher Columbus reveals the passionate religious beliefs that motivated his famous voyages, and claims how he sought gold to finance a new crusade to restore Jerusalem to Christian ...

The Worlds Of Christopher Columbus

Author: William D. Phillips
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521446525
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In the end, it was seven months before Mendez could reach Santo Domingo and
secure a ship.43 From Santo Domingo, Mendez despatched a letter Columbus
had written in Jamaica to the monarchs in Spain. Composed in the depths of
despair, much of the letter was rambling and incoherent, filled with stories of
religious visions and grandiose plans for the recon- quest of Jerusalem.
Complaining bitterly of poverty and ill-treatment at the hands of his enemies,
Columbus beseeched ...

The Quest Of Columbus

Author: Henry Iliowizi
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Our Guardian slumbers not and He will hear Our cries of anguish, count each
sigh and tear- Relent, relent, deny the Royal Seal To injure Faith, a Crown's
divinest gem, — The tide of Hatred and Injustice stem; Relent, O Spain, forbear
thy sons to deal The mortal blow Rome dealt Jerusalem." Unequal promptings
move the Royal Pair, Both ponder over the impending shame; The Hebrew's
ducats are the King's first care, The gold, the gold, which fann'd the pyre's flame;
A nobler impulse ...

Confucianism And Christianity

Author: John Dragon Young
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The letter was never dispatched, but it was a good indicator of Columbus' motives
behind his voyages. According to Columbus himself, he had continually sought
the company of the learned laymen as well as theologians of Christian, Jewish
and Moslem persuasion. He had studied all the works on astrology, ... If our Lord
brings me back to Spain, . I pledge myself, in the name of God, to bring him there
in safety. l Beneath Columbus' quest for Jerusalem was evident another strain 16.

Author: Laurent Binet
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The Golden Quest

Author: Michael Anthony
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Columbus further stipulated in the negotiations that he be given a tenth part of all
and every kind of merchandise that he may come upon, 'whether pearls, precious
stones, gold, silver, spices and other objects of merchandise whatsoever'. ... For
example, here is an entry in his journal of the first voyage, written on Wednesday
26th December, 1492: 'I protested to Your Highnesses that all the profits of this
my enterprise should be spent in the conquest of Jerusalem, and Your
Highnesses ...

Investigating Culture

Author: Carol Delaney
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118868625
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This book draws from classical and contemporary ethnographic texts providing students a week-by-week journey through the study of human culture.

American Literature In Context To 1865

Author: Susan Castillo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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His exploits had been preceded by those of Portuguese navigators, particularly
Prince Henry the Navigator, whose explorations of the African coast were
prompted by a complex mixture of motivations: the desire for access to precious
metals in the African interior along with the Crusading urge to encounter the
Christian kingdom of the mythical Prester John, with whom he hoped to regain
Jerusalem (see Pagden, 2003, pp. 50–4). The motives underlying Columbus's
own quest for a sea ...