Buster Brown S Autobiography

Author: Richard Felton Outcault
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Richard Felton Outcault. Buster Brown's Autobiography By R. F. Outcault Author
and illustrator of “Buster Brown and His Resolutions” “Buster Brown, His Dog
Tige and Their Troubles” and “Buster Brown Abroad,” etc. With sixteen full-page
illustrations in color, and many illustrations in black and white New York
Frederick A. Stokes Company Publishers Copyright, 1907 By Frederick A. Stokes
Company All rights reserved.

Curly Grandma S Letters

Author: Anita Bryce
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1606046128
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Writing to Kids and Capturing Your Autobiography Anita Bryce. Keemom and
Keebob arc my mother's ... Then when it was about Halloween time, they would
come down to the little bungalow house on Rose St. And they would spend the
winter in Florida with us. It's funny how I always thought that ... 1 remember many
mornings eating my cereal at the little round table with the red- checkered
tablecloth while Keebob worked on my Buster Browns. He would fix the big round
hole in the ...

Barbaric Intercourse

Author: Martha Banta
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226036908
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Richard Outcault, Buster Brown, His Dog Tige and Their Troubles (New York,
1904), refers to "a certain president" who should be encouraged to "quit killing
things," yet in Buster Brown's Autobiography (New York, 1907), when Tige gazes
at battleships in the New York harbor and asks, "WHAT do people want to fight for
?" Buster comments, "But poor soul, he's only a dog, so how can he understand?"
29. As with McCay's "Shantytown" sequence appearing in the New York Herald ...

A Call To Assembly

Author: Willie Ruff
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1624888410
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The Autobiography of a Musical Storyteller Willie Ruff. several pairs, in all colors.
A customer walking in with a tan pair of kidskin Stacies was all it took to put a
whistle on Mr. John's lips and brighten our world. When we were alone in the
shop, we spent our time cleaning the marble floor and the ... To show me how it
was done, he sat me in one of the chairs and went to work on my Buster Browns,
saying it was important for the learner to feel the rhythm of the rag in his own feet.

The Surprise Of My Life

Author: Claire Drainie Taylor
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554586720
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An Autobiography Claire Drainie Taylor. She is "going on an errand." She knows
that's where she's going because someone said it and she likes the phrase and
remembers it. The errand consists of taking an orange to Uncle Louie who is sick
in bed; is daddy's young brother; is going to be a druggist. Up she goes alone,
along the dark hall to Uncle Louie's cubicle. His brown eyes are very big and his
face is pale. He has something wrapped around his neck. He peels the orange, ...

A Roving Commission

Author: Kel Palmer
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450280854
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Well, we all have our own bete noires-do we not? And the two or three men I'm
thinking of thought the sun shone out of their buster browns and they could do no
wrong. I saw them, as Machiavellian characters ... Okay, it's a personal thing; but
those three colourful characters (Black, Brown, and White-I kid you not!) did get
up my nose and as this is my autobiography, that's how I saw it-and them. There, I
've got that off my chest. My start with MEL was not an auspicious one, although
until ...


Author: Clark Terry
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520287517
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The Autobiography of Clark Terry Clark Terry, Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones, Gwen
Terry. of like a mother after Margueritte left. ... We lived in a neighborhood called
Carondelet, about a half mile from the Mississippi River, where trains went back
and forth all day. Clackalacka, Clackalacka. Whoo! Whoo! And kids wore Buster
Brown shoes with a knife pocket on the side. My knife was in my pants pocket
because I couldn't afford Buster Browns. From our backyard, St. Louis seemed
like it was ...