Biennial Report Wisconsin Dept Of Public Instruction

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Federally funded programs administered by the division have also provided
educational program development. ... been involved with the development of the
educational television capability of the Wisconsin Education Communications

State Of Wisconsin Blue Book

Publisher: Legislative Reference Bureau
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citizen member), chairperson; Douglas Kocher ... Publications: Radio Program
Guide; Television Program Guide; Biennial Report; ECB and What It Means to
You; ...

Biennial Report Of The State Board Of Control Of Wisconsin Reformatory Charitable And Penal Institutions

Author: Wisconsin. State Board of Control
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Wisconsin. State Board of Control. Superintendent's Report. preferred on every
occasion, the language teacher now uses them after ... any to believe that
intelligible speech is attainable by every deaf child during the average time they
are allowed to remain in school. ... When the speech of deaf people is not easily
understood they are forced to employ other means of communication, and in
spite of ...

Biennial Report Of The State Board Of Supervision Of Wisconsin Charitable Reformatory And Penal Institutions

Author: State Board of Supervision of Wisconsin Charitable, Reformatory, and Penal Institutions
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State Board of Supervision of Wisconsin Charitable, Reformatory, and Penal
Institutions. Institution for Blind. It is a constant source of regret that more parents
do not avail themselves of the provision made by the state for giving a practical
education to their blind children. ... such accurate and complete information
respecting the blind children of the state as may enable us to communicate with
the parents ...

Public Documents Of The State Of Wisconsin Being The Biennial Reports Of The Various State Officers Departments And Institutions

Author: Wisconsin (Ter.) Laws, Statutes, etc
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Wisconsin (Ter.) Laws, Statutes, etc. State Board of Health. inga most noble and
humane work for all its unfortunate classes ; but there ... most successful
institutions for the care and education of the dependent and unfortunate, are
maintained by private benefactions. ... zeal in investigating the causes of disease
in this state, and by circulars and communications to the press, as well as in its
annual reports, ...

Biennial Report Wisconsin Industrial School For Girls Milwaukee Wis

Author: Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls
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MANAGERS' REPORT To His Ercellency the Governor and the Honorable
Legislature of the State of IVisconsin: The Board of Managers of the Wisconsin
Industrial School for Girls respectfully submits its seventh biennial report for the
period ending September 30, 1904. ... in the different cottages, according to their
condition morally, and have absolutely no communication with the girls of a
different class.

Biennial Report State Of Wisconsin Department Of Public Instruction

Author: Wisconsin. Dept. of Public Instruction
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Wisconsin. Dept. of Public Instruction. On motion of Regent White,
recommendations of the report were adopted, and the secretary was instructed to
cast the vote of the board for the teachers recommended, which having been
done, they were declared ... Communications from the faculty, students and
alumni, of the Whitewater school, respecting the resignation of President and Mrs
. Arey, were presented ...