Belgian Ale

Author: Pierre Rajotte
Publisher: Brewers Publications
ISBN: 1938469313
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Learn about Belgian-style ale history and character profiles, and then try your hand at brewing an Oud Bruin, Trippel, or a Grand Cru. Explore high gravity mashing, brewing, fermentation, and ester development.

Belgian Ale

Author: Pierre Rajotte
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Pierre Rajotte traveled the globe in search of the ultimate brew and found that Belgian ale is the pinnacle of artistic brewing complexity.

100 Belgian Beers To Try Before You Die

Author: Tim Webb
ISBN: 9781852492489
Size: 33.67 MB
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Written by internationally known beer writers Tim Webb and Joris Pattyn, the book provides readers with a glossary of Belgian beer styles, a map of Belgium with featured breweries.

Farmhouse Ales

Author: Phil Markowski
ISBN: 9780937381847
Size: 35.32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Farmhouse Ales defines the results of years of evolution, refinement, of simple rustic ales in modern and historical terms, while guiding today's brewers toward credible and enjoyable reproductions of these old world classics."

The Belgian Beer Book

Author: Erick Verdonck
Publisher: Lannoo Publishers (Acc)
ISBN: 9789401435529
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This book explains it all!Erik Verdonck is a partner of The Belgian Beer Company and author of, an online platform about Belgium, gastronomy and tourism. He wrote several articles and books on beer and gastronomy.

Brew Like A Monk

Author: Stan Hieronymus
ISBN: 9780937381878
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Brew Like a Monk delves into monastic brewing, detailing this rich-flavored region of the beer world. It also examines methods for brewing these unique ales suited to commercial and amateur brewers.

Beer For Dummies

Author: Marty Nachel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118120302
Size: 56.87 MB
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Table A-5 American-Style Ale Style Original Gravity (Degrees Plato) Alcohol
Content by Volume (Weight) American Pale Ale 1.044–1.056 (11–14) 4.5–5.5 (
3.5–4.2) Barleywine 1.090–1.120 (22.5–29) 8.5–12 (6.7–9.6) Table A-6 Belgian
and French Ales Style Original Gravity (Degrees Plato) Alcohol Content by
Volume (Weight) Belgian Ale 1.044–1.054 (11–14) 4–6.2 (3.2–4.9) Belgian
Strong Ale 1.064–1.096 (16.5–24) 7–11 (5.5–8.6) Bière de Garde 1.060–1.080 (
16–20) 4.5–8 ...

Cooking With Belgian Beer

Author: Eddy Keymolen
ISBN: 1326377418
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Ales, amber beer or copper-colored beer, “Spéciale belge” With the Belgian Ales
we are not yet talking about unique Belgian beers, because traditionally
Germany also brews ales (“Alt” = old), the United Kingdom (“Bitter”) and the
United States. Despite similarities, such as the copper or amber color, there are
fairly important differences in taste. The Belgian Ales are usually top-fermented
beers; yeasty, tasting spicy and soft. The color is obtained by adding caramel
malt and aromatic ...

Michael Jackson S Great Beers Of Belgium

Author: Michael Jackson
ISBN: 9780937381939
Size: 78.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Michael Jackson's extraordinary passion for Belgian beer shines through in every aspect of this engaging work, from the personal stories of the people behind the beers to the careful descriptions of their flavors.

The Great Beers Of Belgium

Author: Michael Jackson
Publisher: Prion
ISBN: 9781853754647
Size: 78.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With an introduction about Belgium and its traditions, Michael Jackson takes us on a tour of its ancient regions, such as Flanders and Brabant, and places the various brewing traditions in their local contexts.