Author: Jared M. Diamond
ISBN: 9789747799149
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Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
ISBN: 9740203493
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Author: Robert Galbraith
Publisher: Nanmeebooks
ISBN: 6160418394
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นางแบบเจ้าปัญหาคนหนึ่งตกจากระเบียงลงมาเสียชีวิตเกิดข้อสรุปว่าเธอฆ่าตัวตาย ...

Publisher: Fidelity Publishing
ISBN: 6169033215
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Service Games The Rise And Fall Of Sega

Author: Sam Pettus
ISBN: 1311080821
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Starting with its humble beginnings in the 1950's and ending with its swan-song, the Dreamcast, in the early 2000’s, this is the complete history of Sega as a console maker.

Catholicism Enhanced Edition

Author: Robert Barron
Publisher: Religion/Business/Forum
ISBN: 0307987086
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After the resurrection, Peter and the other disciples returned to Galilee to ply their
fishermens trade once again. While they were fishing, they spotted ]esus on the
far shore. The Gospel, curiously enough, tells us that Peter was naked (gymnos
in the Greek) and threw on some clothes before going to the Lord. This detail is
meant to remind us of the story of Adam in the book of Genesis. Prior to the fall,
Adam walked in easy and unself-conscious nakedness before God, but after the
primal ...


Author: จอห์น แม็กซ์เวลล์
Publisher: Nation Books
ISBN: 6165155510
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เคล็ดลับเพิ่มคุณค่า พัฒนาศักยภาพให้ถึงขีดสุด

Gardner S Art Through The Ages A Global History Enhanced Edition

Author: Fred Kleiner
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1439085781
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3-35 Painted chest, from the tomb of Tutankhamen, Thebes, Egypt, 18th Dynasty,
ca. 1333–1323 bce. Wood, 1 8 long. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Tutankhamen is
here represented triumphing over Asian enemies. The artist contrasted the
orderly registers of Egyptian chariots with the chaotic pile of foreign soldiers who
fall before the king. Although Tutankhamen probably was considered too young
to fight, his position as king required that he be represented as a conqueror. He is
shown ...

French For Dummies Enhanced Edition

Author: Erotopoulos
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118258258
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Zoe Erotopoulos, Dodi-Katrin Schmidt, Michelle M. Williams, Dominique Wenzel.
time, you can use plain old cardinal numbers from 0 to around 100 to express the
number of units of anything: how much money you have in your wallet, how many
sheep you have to count before you fall asleep, how many hours you have to wait
before your plane takes off, and so on. Fortunately, French numbers follow a
pattern, much like numbers in English.