One Summer In Arkansas

Author: Marcia Kemp Sterling
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ISBN: 0988376814
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This is a story of place, in the tradition of Southern fiction, with vivid images of Arkansas and the values of small-town life.

Arkansas Birds Thier Distribution And Abundance C

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 9781610750318
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Considering the widespread distribution in Arkansas and elsewhere of the avian
species involved, this case of habitat specialization in summer, and the shift to
lack of specialization in winter, is probably a common ecological event. While the
presence of certain birds in Arkansas is attributable to accidental circumstances (
like the single Lesser Goldfinch that appeared at a feeder in Benton County),
most birds are distributed in the state in a relatively predictable manner according
to ...

Fryingpan Arkansas Project

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migrant rare migrant casual migrant rare resident very common migrant rare
migrant ucommon summer resident casual migrant common sumer resident
common resident rare migrant common summer resident accidental common
sumer resident casual migrant common resident rare sumer resident uncommon
resident uncomon summer resident ucomon summer resident accidental
common sumer resident ...

Civil War Arkansas

Author: Anne Bailey
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 9781610750998
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(summer 1945): 109-17; Irene Abercrombie, "The Battle of Prairie Grove," AHQ2 (
December 1943): 309-15; Harold H. McDonald, "The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry,"
AHQ 7 (spring 1948): 57-67; Jodie Arnold Smith, "Battle Grounds and Soldiers of
Arkansas, 1861-1865," AHQ 6 (summer 1947): 180-85; Ethel Linder, "Patrick
Cleburne, Hero from Helena," AHQ4 (winter 1945): 307-14; Clara B. Eno, "
Activities of the Women of Arkansas during the War between the States," AHQ 3 (
spring 1944): ...

Arkansas And The New South 1874 1929 P

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 9781610750288
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Carl H. Moneyhon. the personal experiences of a rural teacher see Roy V.
Simpson, "Reminiscences of a Hill Country School Teacher," AHQ 27 (Summer
1968): 146-74. There are few scholarly treatments of the early school system,
however. One exception is John W. Payne, "Poor- Man's Pedagogy: Teachers'
Institutes in Arkansas," AHQi4 (Autumn 1955); 195-206, an examination of early
efforts at improving teacher training.

Arkansas Wildlife A History P

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 9781610750387
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"Honkers Avoiding Arkansas, But Why?" 2, no. I (fall 1968): pp. 23-26. "|The|
Eagle Reigns Supreme." 8, no. 3 (summer 1976): pp. 10-1 1. Gaines, Bill. "The
Eastern Wild Turkey." 5, no. I (spring/summer 1972): pp. 2-5. — . "What Good Are
Ducks, Deer, Bass . . ." 8, no. i (fall/winter 1975): pp. 18-19. "Gators Making a
Comeback." 8, no. 3 (summer 1976): pp. 4-6. Gipson, Phil. "Coyotes and Related
Canids of Arkansas." 7, no. i (fall 1974): pp. 8-10. Gipson. Philip S. "The Coyote."
17, no.

Southern Arkansas University

Author: James F. Willis
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1441553630
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1-11; Stater, Summer 2002, p. 8; Summer 2003, p. 2; Homecoming 2004, pp. 2-3;
SAU Catalog 2008-09, p. 392; Program of Reynolds' Art Exhibit and Show,
October 17, 2005; Rankin Interview. SAU Annual Report 2001-2002, p. 5; SAU
Report from the President, 2008; Faculty Senate Minutes, September 18, 2003;
Board Minutes, October 28, 1994; March 7, 2007; Financial Statement 1993-94,
pp. 8-12; Financial Statement 2006, p. 22; SAU Blue & Gold Vision Master Plan;
Arkansas ...

Soil Survey Of Crittenden County Arkansas

Author: James Loyce Gray
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Climate * Crittenden County is in the east-central part of Arkansas on the typically
level and gently undulating flood plain of the Mississippi River. Variations in
elevation are minor, and local topography has no noticeable effect on the climate.
Table 3 is a climatic summary of temperature and precipitation at nearby
Memphis, Tenn. Data shown are considered representative for the county. The
climate of the county, like all of Arkansas, is one of warm summers and mild

The Impact Of The Civil War And Reconstruction On Arkansas

Author: Carl H. Moneyhon
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 9781557287359
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through 1 874 began in the summer of 1977 during an NEH Summer Teaching
Seminar with the late Bell I. Wiley at Emory University. That seminar provided me
with the opportunity to explore the literature on the interaction of war and society
and first work with some of the ideas that are a part of this book. In the intervening
years I have incurred many debts to individuals who encouraged and supported
this ...