State Of Washington Highway Safety Program July 1 1969

Author: Washington Traffic Safety Commission
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"Surveillance of Accident Locations by Electronic-Processing Methods," Richard
N. Smith, Record 188, 1967, Highway Research Board, Washington, D.C. "
Operation Route Analysis," Burton M. Rudy, Bulletin 341, Highway Research
Board, ... Traffic Records Systems, 1967, American Association of State Highway
Officials, Washington D.C. Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected
Disease of Modern Society, 1966, National Academy of Sciences, National
Research Council, ...

Federal Supplement First Series

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Smith v. John Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., 254 F.Supp. 622. €=3583.2(2).
Accidental death benefits or double Indemnity. D.C.Pa. 1966. Even where death
resulted from external and violent means, there is no presumption, under
Pennsylvania luw, that death was caused by accidental means. — Smith v. John
Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., 254 F. Supp. 622. Even though policy providing for
payment for death as result of oodily injury sustained solely through external,
violent and accidental ...

United States Code Service

Author: United States
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United States v Smith (l975. App DC) l72 US App DC 297, 52l F2d 957, l Fed
Rules Evid Serv 22, 3l ALR Fed 437; United States v Oates (l977. CA2 NY) 560
F2d 45, l Fed Rules Evid Serv 7l8 (criticized in United States v Hemandez-Rojas (
l980, ... report was at least deserving of initial presumption of admissibility since
majority of report documented factual findings surrounding investigation of
accident scene while trooper's opinion comprised only one short paragraph of 3-
page report.

United States Code Service Ucsc

Author: LEXIS Publishing
ISBN: 9780327102779
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Where alleged beneficiary showed no prejudice stemming from herdeceased
father's employer's alleged failure to comply with procedures set forth in
accidental death and dismemberment policy or collective bargaining agreement
and employer ... Smith v Champion Int'l Corp. (2008, DC Conn) 573 F Supp 2d
599. Arbitrary and capricious standard of review applied to health plan's decision
terminating benefits for minor child's treatments for brain cancer; because health
plan conferred ...

The Dd Group

Author: David Marshall
Publisher: iUniverse
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An Online Investigation Into the Death of Marilyn Monroe David Marshall. David: I
came across the ... This is from a Liz Smith column dated March 10, 1992: “The
Kennedys never gave me a dime, never offered me anything, and never made a
job available to me! On the afternoon of ... “I spent the next forty-eight hours tied
to my phone, fielding calls from all over the world, saying to reporters what I
believed to be true—that Marilyn had died of an accidental overdose. It could
have easily ...

West S Smith Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated

Author: Illinois
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Summary judgment Material issue of fact as to whether deceased made
misrepresentation of fact with respect to his health when he applied to an insurer
for accidental death policy which materially affected acceptance of risk or hazard
... proofs of loss, or acceptance of such proofs, or investigation of any claim shall
not operate as waiver of any right of insurer in defense of claim arising under
policy. Simmons v. Continental Cas. Co., D.C.1968, 285 F.Supp. 997, affirmed
410 F.2d 881.

Criminal Justice In America

Author: George F. Cole
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305966066
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George F. Cole, Christopher E. Smith, Christina DeJong ... Deaths caused by
negligence, attempts to kill, assaults to kill, suicides, accidental deaths and
justifiable homicides are excluded. ... Sources: Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Crime in the United States, 2012, Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing
Office, 2013; Federal Bureau of Investigation, Preliminary Semiannual Uniform
Crime Report, January–June 2013, Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing
Office, 2014 ...

Annual Report Business Of Insurance Companies For Year Ended

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... or applied in liquidation of loans or notes--------------- Surrender values applied
to pay new and renewal premiums—coupons surrendered----- (Total payments to
policyholders----------------------------------- $6,305 05) Expenses of investigation
and settlement of policy claims, including legal expense------ Commissions and
fees to agents, first year, $7,826.36; renewal, $879.13------- -- Salaries and other
compensation of officers and trustees----------------- Salaries and other
compensation ...

Annual Report By The Director Of Insurance

Author: Illinois. Dept. of Insurance
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D. C. SMITH, Secretary. Amount of ledger assets December 31 of previous year
$44,95$ 97 INCOME. First year's premiums on original policies, less reinsurance
First year's premiums for accidental death benefits, less reinsurance- New ...
$6,305 05) Expenses of investigation and settlement of policy claims, including
legal expense Commissions and fees to agents, first year, $7,826.36; renewal,
$879.13 Salaries and other compensation of officers and trustees - Salaries and
other ...

Health Advisories For Drinking Water Contaminants

Author: Us Epa
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780873719315
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Report no. EPA/600/888/021. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency. U.S. EPA. 1987b. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ... Preliminary
investigation of effects on the environment of boron, indium, nickel, selenium, tin,
vanadium and their compounds. Vol.1: Boron. Report no. EPA-560/2-75-005A.
Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental ... E.G., R. P. Smith and O.C. Macintosh.
1949. Boric acid as a poison. Report of six accidental deaths in infants. Can. Med
. Assoc.