After Method

Author: John Law
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415341745
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This stimulating book is about what went wrong with 'research methods'. Its controversial argument is radical, and at times, even revolutionary.-publisher description.

Magic Cleaning

Author: Marie Kondo
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644491011
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Die meisten von uns haben einfach nie gelernt, wirklich Ordnung zu halten. Denn auch beim Aufräumen gibt es den berühmten Jo-Jo-Effekt. Doch damit ist jetzt Schluss! Marie Kondo lässt keine Ausrede gelten.

Arithmetick In Whole And Broken Numbers Digested After A New Method

Author: Elias Voster
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Ao this Book be designed only for the - use of my Scholarr, yet it will unavoidably
fall into the hands of others who are not ; and since the method I make use of
differs in some respect from the common way, I think it necessary to ; something
concerning it. . . It contains such questions in most of the rules of Vulgar
ARITHMETIC, as I have taught to my Scholars for many years past; I say, it
contains only questions, with the addition of a very few directions about the
manner of working them; ...

Ordonnance For The Five Kinds Of Columns After The Method Of The Ancients

Author: Claude Perrault
Publisher: Getty Publications
ISBN: 0892362324
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THE ANCIENTS PA R T T W 0 Things Proper to Each Order Chapter I The
Tuscan Order T115 ORDERS OF ARCHITECTURE invented by the Greeks were
only three in number: that is to say, the Doric, the Ionic, and the Corinthian. To
these, the Romans added the Tuscan and the Composite, which some have
called the Italic. Properly speaking, however, the characters of these two orders
do not differ ...

Mathematical Tables Contrived After A Most Comprehensive Method

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The XIIth Chapter of that Excellent Treatise of Algebra : Written by the late
Reverend and Learned Dr. John Wallis, Savilian Professor of Geometry in the
University of Oxford; and a Member of the Royal Society in London. of any before
him, that I know of) by john Neper, Baron of Merchifton in Scotland; and by him
first Published at Edenburgh, in the Year 1614: And soon after by himself (with
the Assistance of Henry Briggs, Professor of Geometry, first at London in
Gresham-Colledge, ...

Mathematical Tables Contrived After The Most Comprehensive Method

Author: Henry Sherwin
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Viz. a Table of Logarithms, from 1 to 101000.To which is Added (upon the Same
Page) the Differences and Proportional Parts, Whereby the Logarithm of Any
Number Under 10,000,000 May Easily be Found. Tables of Natural Sines,
Tangents, and Secants ... Tables of Natural Versed Sines ... With Their
Construction and Use Henry Sherwin William Gardiner. - 26 An Easie and
Compendious Method of making Logarithms, As the Divisors are augmented, so
likewise must the Number of ...

The Kingstonian System Of Painting In Dry Colours After The Grecian Method

Author: William Kingston
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Let the paint be drove bare and as level as possible, and when the surface is
completely covered, take a flat badger's hair brush, using it with a light hand in
every direction, until the face gf the paint becomes perfectly smooth; after which,
take very fine powder of white marble, and putting it in a small sieve, sift it
plentifully on the canvass, holding the frame nearly perpendicular, and turning it
every way, still sifting more and more powder thereon. Shake or beat off" the
superfluous dust, ...