Advertising On Trial

Author: Inger L. Stole
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252092589
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In Advertising on Trial, Inger L. Stole examines how these consumer activists sought to limit the influence of corporate powers by rallying popular support to moderate and transform advertising.

Advertising Management

Author: Batra
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 9788177588507
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However, repeated exposure to an advertising message can alter the viewer's
frame of reference and now give reliability the primary role in organizing the
concept of the brand. This subtle change in cognitive structure provides the
potential to see a brand differently and can trigger a behavioral event such as an
in-store purchase of the brand. This act of buying, or trial, event can then
subsequently generate an attitude change or adjustment that is more consistent
with the shift in ...

Marketing Communications

Author: Ludi Koekemoer
Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd
ISBN: 9780702165092
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Table 3.3 outlines these three types of objectives, the specific task that the
advertising is expected to perform and the intended end result. It is clear from this
table that the informational objectives of advertising have the task of creating
awareness and knowledge with the behavioural end result of trial usage,
increased usage or sales leads. The attitudinal objectives have the task of
associating the brand with a user type, creating brand attitudes and associating
feelings with brand use in ...

Effective Advertising

Author: Gerard J. Tellis
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1452276749
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The measurement of choices in terms of trial, repurchase, and switching gives a
complete picture of a brand's appeal. Trial indicates the breadth of consumers'
experience with brands in the market, repurchase indicates the depth of
consumer loyalty for a brand, and switching indicates a brand's immediate pull
relative to a rival brand. One of the major goals of advertising is to create a
unique, enduring brand identity. Thus, brand choice is the natural, most relevant
variable to measure ...

Persuasive Advertising

Author: J. Armstrong
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230285805
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The Wilcox & Gibbs SilentSewing Machine sent for a free month's trial, free and
carriage paid to any station in the Kingdom.” When facing resistance,saybecause
someoneiscurrently loyalto anotherbrand,it maybe more effective to tryto change
behavior directly, rather thanby trying to first change attitudes. Thiscan be done
through free trials orsamples. Oncepeople areusinga new product, advertising
suchas package insertsinthefree trial orfollowup advertising—can be
usedtosupport ...


Author: Tim Manners
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440634610
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So, in effect, the product has to stand up to performance on repeat purchases in
order to generate more trial. A marketer could spend a lot of money to get a trial
through television advertising but fail to get the trial because the repeat cycle—
based on word of mouth—is now kicking in much faster. That also means there is
no more room for products that are all sizzle and no steak because they will be
discredited faster. • Marketing's new mantra may be repeat and trial, not trial and
repeat ...

Proceedings Of The 1999 Academy Of Marketing Science Ams Annual Conference

Author: Charles H. Noble
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319130781
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Trial can be the result of a trial purchase, a free sample or a hands-on
demonstration. Since trial is a form of direct experience with a product and since
research has shown that attitudes formed from direct experience with an object or
product are stronger, are more confidently held, and are better predictors of
behavior than those formed via indirect means such as advertising (Fazio and
Zanna 1978, 1981; Marks and Kamins 1988; Smith 1993; Smith and Swinyard
1983, 1988), it is ...

Building Models For Marketing Decisions

Author: Peter Leeflang
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792378136
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The predictions are extrapolations to, say, the national level based on test market
results. The selection of representative test markets is therefore crucial. But the
selection of an appropriate test market is not enough. The following kinds of
questions should be raised. Will product availability at the national level be the
same as in the test market? Will the level of advertising be comparable? If not, we
must adjust the trial rates accordingly. Such adjustments are not easy to make.

Advertising At War

Author: Inger L Stole
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252094239
Size: 20.26 MB
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Advertising at War challenges the notion that advertising disappeared as a political issue in the United States in 1938 with the passage of the Wheeler-Lea Amendment to the Federal Trade Commission Act, the result of more than a decade of ...

Financial Accounting

Author: Charles Horngren
Publisher: Pearson Higher Education AU
ISBN: 1442553480
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Assume that you are interested in buying Advertising. You obtain the
most recent monthly trial balance, which follows. Revenues and expenses vary
little from month to month, and January is a typical month. The trial balance
shown is a preliminary or unadjusted trial balance. The controller informs you that
the necessary accrual adjustments should include revenues of $3800 and
expenses of $1 100. Also, if you were to buy Advertising, you would
hire a manager ...