Time Passages 1942

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Sports, politics, world events, TV, movies, pricing, fashion and nostalgia are all documented in full color.

War What Is It Good For

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56. Mullen, PopularFronts, 50-55. 57. George Lipsitz, Time Passages: Collective
Memory and American Popular Culture (Minneapolis: University ofMinnesota
Press, 2001), 5. 58. Carl Murphy, introduction ... See Farrar, Baltimore Afro—
American, 168; Earl V. Patterson, “Now after Race Enemies,” Pittsburgh Courier,
March 7, 1942; and Beyden A. Steele, “Praises 'Double V' DesignI,” Pittsburgh
Courier, March 14, 1942. 61. “Immortalizes General MacArthur in Song,”
Pittsburgh Courier, ...

Containing America

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The words of Manuel de La Raza, pen name of Felix Gutierrez, leader of the
Mexican-American Movement, from the Mexican Voice (Spring 1942), quoted in
Mufioz Jr, Youth, Identity, Power, p.39. 1 5. Cosgrove, The Zoot ... See also Lipsitz
, Time Passages, pp. 1 38-9. 19. 'Zoot Suit ... 271. 25. Ibid. p. 270. The young
pochuco's statement is ironic in that those people who straddled the us-them
divide, namely Japanese-Americans, had been incarcerated in internment camps
since 1942.

Advertising On Trial

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6; Elaine Tyler May, Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War (New
York: Basic Books, 1988); and George Lipsitz, Time Passages: Collective
Memory and American Popular Culture (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota
Press, 1990). 8. Valentine v. Chrestensen, 316 U.S. 52 (1942). 9. Lizabeth Cohen
, A Consumer's Republic: The Politics ofMass Consumption in Postwar America (
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003), 274–78. 10. The most recent U. S. Supreme
Court case ...

Peter M Pringle Master Decoy Maker

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From about I8 yards I watched him, unseen, for probably 3 minutes and off he
flew — a streak of RED” (MF 12 July 1942). With the passage of time, Pete came
to recognize that he found as much satisfaction in observing ducks as in shooting
them.“A flock of 75 to I00 Big Duck (probably Northern Blacks) circling over the
rice beds is a thing well worth while even if you could not reach them with a gun
shot, or didn't have a gun” (MP I5 Nov. I94I);“I got a great KICK out of watching a
flock of ...

Thucydides And Herodotus

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translations of each passage, and three modern retellings of the episode in
question.23 Of the four Herodotean passages selected here, two contain
numbers in the subject category time (of months in one case and days in the
other), one passage numbers relating to distance, and one numbers relating to
money. Note particularly that even the translators sometimes insert numbers that
are not in the Greek text, apparently from a compulsion to make complete and
explicit calculations ...

An Absent Presence

Author: Caroline Chung Simpson
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February 5, 1942. Department of State File 740. 00015. Pacific War-153- National
Archives, Washington, D.C. Limerick, Patricia Nelson The Legacy of Conquest:
The Unbroken Past of the American West. New York: Norton, 1988. Lipsitz,
George. Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture.
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1990. Lowe, Lisa. Critical Terrains:
French and British Orientalisms. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1991. .
Immigrant Acts: ...

The Transfer Of Power 1942 7 The Fixing Of A Time Limit 4 November 1946 22 March 1947

Author: India Office Records
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Your No. 311-S dated 19th February.1 Passages from India. Matter was at once
discussed by Secretary of State with Minister of Transport who is now
investigating problem in detail.2 I have little doubt that necessary passages out of
India but not necessarily to U.K. in all cases could be provided as an emergency
operation, with all that that implies in conditions of discomfort should
circumstances render this necessary. But effect of immediate announcement that
there will be passages ...

Far East Air Operations 1942 1945

Author: John Grehan
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This battle forms the basis of the early passages of the first despatch in this
volume. Air Vice-Marshal Stevenson commanded a small Allied ... had said were
necessary for the defence of Burma. Even when squadrons of aircraft arrived, the
lack of spares and workshop facilities meant that only a small percentage of
aircraft were airworthy at any one time. On 1 January 1942, the Japanese air
force deployed for operations in Burma was reckoned by Stevenson to be around
150 strong.

Urban Green

Author: Colin Fisher
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Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1942. Lipin, Lawrence M. Workers and the
Wild: Conservation, Consumerism, and Labor in Oregon, 1910–30. Urbana:
University of Illinois Press, 2007. Liponski, Wojciech. “Still an Unknown European
Tradition: Polish Sport in the European Cultural Heritage.” International Journal
of the History of Sport 13 (August 1996): 1–41. Lipsitz, George. Time Passages:
Collective Memory and American Popular Culture. Minneapolis: University of ...